Accurate claims submitted from proficient teams are vital in Healthcare revenue cycle management.

Patient demographic sheet OR face sheet is most important to manage accurate data for claims submission and timely reimbursement, which includes patient details, medical history, insurance details, guarantor details, etc… as provided by the patient at the time of visit. For established patients, we confirm these details and necessary changes are done to the patient records on the practice management system, also the same is updated to you. Submitting as much as information possible would avoid the insurance company’s requisite to contact billing office for any errors.

Charge Entry

We provide charge entry services in medical billing as a part of the healthcare revenue cycle management or as a tailor made service at your choice. Our experts are knowledgeable on various practice management systems and for several healthcare specialties.

Our dedicated charge entry team effectively manages the practice management system by setting up standard fee schedules on insurance specific contracts as per guidelines. By outsourcing Charge Entry services to us, our experts proficiently work on your specialty specific codes and set 50% above the CMS fee schedule to maintain a uniform accounts management. Our billing specialists audit every charge and codes entered as per client specific and then the claims are submitted to appropriate insurance payers electronically via practice management system or manually through paper as per requirement. The claims rejections are monitored frequently via clearing house reports, if any, the same is analyzed and necessary changes are done. These claims are then resubmitted.

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