Medical Billing Outsource has set an exclusive unit for DME / HME Billing; we designed customized range of services to suit your needs. Our cutting-edge knowledge of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) guidelines for reimbursement ensures all of your claims are handled with the utmost in accuracy and proficiency. We ease DME business owner and staff to concentrate on business rather than running behind billing and collections department.

  • Respiratory services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mobility aids

How our services works:

  • All Patient demographics are entered as per the information sent
  • Certification of Medical Necessity and/or physician’s orders delivery ticket
  • Written order prior to delivery, first month purchase order (If applicable)
  • All documentation reviewed for completion, accuracy, compliance, qualifications, medical justification.
  • All billable claims are entered and we will send you a report of all that is not billable.
  • A final pre-edit is performed well before transmitting claims.
  • All Claims are transmitted to the appropriate Regional Carrier.
  • Clearing house confirmation is verified that our claims have reached Medicare.
  • Payments are audited and posted to each patients account as per the EOB
  • Secondary claims are sent based on patient co –insurance and primary EOB
  • Denials and partial pays are worked upon receipt
  • All capped rentals, 10 month letters are sent to you
  • We automatically bill your monthly rental patients until we receive pick-up notification from your office

At Medical Billing Outsource, we have got many good reasons to outsource your DME billing, but the biggest one is the facility to do what you do best, take care of your patients.